Sunday, May 18, 2008

ANU - "Opus Funaerum"

New full length album from the most obscure USBM band! 8 years after the release of the self-titled 7" EP marks the addition of two members from the cult Canadian band GoatWAR handling the vocals. A monumental album of True USBM of the highest caliber. The elite of the elite!

GOATWORSHIP - "Born Of Blasphemy"

Cassette release from the one time improvised session that was never "officially" released, other that some tapes being passed around. Later turned into Anu. Complete and total chaos / evil!

ANU - EP 2000

Debut release from ex-Demoncy member Drathrul. Cold, obscure and freezing Black Metal / Black Ambient! One of the top USBM bands still active, this IS a must have!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

SUBKLINIK - "Musik For Dekomposition" EP

Brand new material from this legendary Death Industrial project. The CD contains an exclusive live track not included in this download. Not much to say about it other than just listen for yourself... Worry later...

SET - "Dominus Profanum" EP

New project of C. Davis / Drathrul from Anu / Subklinik / Hour Of 13. Old School Black Metal that is in the vein of Archgoat - Blasphemy - Incantation but still retaining complete originality. Very promising and keep an eye on this band!!!